Top 8 New Product Development Challenges

What is new product development?

New product development (NPD) is the process of introducing new products to the market, renewing an old product, or introducing a product into the new market. These products are either tangible or intangible. The process greatly relies upon customer requirements and market needs. Additionally, the primary factors are time, quality, and cost on which NPD is dependent. Hence, large companies mainly focus on these factors by creating strategies to fulfill their objectives. NPD management deals with the company’s challenges during the process. They focus on methods to overcome such barriers for effective and favorable outcomes.

What are the top 8 new product developments challenges?

There are several challenges that the concerned party faces. Among them, the top 8 most common challenges are discussed below:

Economics of the product

The major goal of this process is to produce a cost-effective product that is attractive for the customer and appropriate according to the nature of the market. Hence, it is mandatory to produce a design that can decrease costs (related to material, labor, and overheads). In trying to fulfill this goal, one may face numerous challenges even if the product to be produced is the simplest one. So, the economics of the product plays a major role in this process.


Due to technological advancements, the world has become a global village. With this globalization, one can easily reach the international marketplaces. Hence, global competition is a major hurdle for companies worldwide in new product development. Similarly, time-based competition is one of the many obstacles. Companies follow the NPD Cycle time. Every company is thriving to launch their products first in the market, which is also a major challenge.

Product engineering hurdles

Product engineering issues often interrupt time or deadlines. For example, sometimes, an app is needed during the development process. In creating that app, a great deal of time is wasted while the entire development team is waiting. It can be controlled, but still, it’s one of the challenges that a company may face during the process.

Roadmap issues during product manufacturing

The appropriate tools and experienced team are major factors that influence the entire process of product development. Lacking these can hinder the speed of this process. The appropriate tool, a skilled team, and effective strategies must be formulated for expected results.


Ideation is one of the initial hurdles a company may face during the process. Team specialists and other concerned team members must be appreciated to share their ideas and suggestions to overcome them; if possible a bonus for the best ideas can also be implemented, which will encourage the members to think more effectively and creatively. Additionally, proper research should be ensured before implementing a certain idea or concept.

Distribution of the product

Another challenge in this process is the distribution of the product. The company must ensure its distribution channels. All distribution methods cannot work for every product.

 Adding new features

New product development is a revolutionary procedure. Whereas adding new features is an evolutionary method. Adding new facets to the product aids in increasing the market share and the value of the product in the market and among customers. It can be challenging because the economics of the product must be kept in mind.

Size of the market

The size of the market plays a crucial role in determining whether it will fulfill its business aims. Hence, a company must consider the market they are selling the product in because that market must be capable of completing its business objectives. 

New Product development process

New product development process
New product development process

There are various stages to introducing new products to the market. They are elaborated below:

Generation of ideas

The first step of this product development process is the generation of ideas. Most commonly, SWOT analysis is utilized to generate ideas during research. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Several discovery methods, for example, the ethnographic discovery method, are implemented to manufacture the right product with the required features. The team can begin working on their ideas and concepts after opportunity analysis is performed in the idea screening stage discussed hereunder

Idea screening phase

 There is a team of screeners in idea screening. They analyze the idea and concepts based on several questions. Some important aspects taken into consideration include the benefit to the customer from this product, the market trends regarding this product idea, possible sales, competitive factors, and last but not least, the practicality in converting the design into a finished product.

Concept development and then testing

 This phase includes examining the target market, the decision-makers who will make purchases, the facets that must be included in the product, the advantages of the product, and the reaction of the targeted masses.

Business analysis

  it constitutes analyzing the product based on expected customer feedback to determine the estimated benefits to the company from selling the product. This phase calculates the benefits and the expected losses that the company may encounter.

Market and beta testing

This phase is concerned with manufacturing a prototype for testing. Conducting surveys and interviews to record the feedback will help in any adjustments to be made. This phase also constitutes the production of an initial run of the product and its introduction in the test market to record its success

Implementation in terms of technicality

 This phase deals with resource estimation and finalization of the quality management system.

New product pricing

 It deals with internal and external value analysis and the effect of this new product on the whole product portfolio. Additionally, it also records the competitive technologies available in the market.

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